The Life Organiser For Neurodiverse Superheroes

Manage your whole life on one screen. Track and tick-off your tasks, set and acheive your goals, journal and acheive mindfulness, and much more... Smash it or slay as required!

Here's some software that
activate your superpowers


Different by design

You approach tasks and challenges differently to most, so our software is designed similarly differently


Speedy simplicity

Our software is your "second brain", it gets out of the way and lets you do your thing in buttery smooth fashion


Holisticly complete

We give you a single central console where everything you need is just one click or touch away



Put your things where you need them — you're not pigeonholed to do things the way everyone else does

Mission Element 1:

Track Your Day-to-Day Tasks

A journey of a thousand miles takes 2.1 million steps. Your journey may need fewer steps than that, but everyone needs help in tracking the tasks to be done in order to achieve their goals. Our software has a completely unique approach to task management, designed specifically for neurodivergent superheroes.


Track everything, in one place, with crystal-clear clarity and focus


Access one-of-a-kind tools to beat executive functioning paralysis, overwhelm, and burnout


Manage and plan your time using the tools that are exactly right for you

Mission Element 2:

Plan and Achieve Your Goals

Having a bunch of tasks to do each day may feel like you're herding cats, but ultimately you have goals and dreams that you're looking to achieve. (Whilst celebrating yourself as you are today, natch.) We give you the tools to organise your goals in a way that let's you focus in on "the why".


Put every task you do in the context of why you're doing it.


See exactly the progress you're making with the "G.O.A.T View"*.


Stay in control and keep motivated, even when things might not be as easy as you'd like

* G.O.A.T = Greatest Of All Time

Mission Element 3:

Journal and Achieve Mindfulness

On a journey to a more connected self who feels great about the person they are and the journey they're on? We bring that whole philsophy into our software, and we make it easy to access the tools and support to be the person you want to be.


Start each day with clarity and focus, journal thoughts and feelings, and track your habits


Access and complete worksheets to get you in the right place to make the progress you want


Pick and choose the "right sized/right design" tools that suit you the best


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